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The temple carries supplies for Zen practice including zafus, zabutons, incense, and books. The shop is open for 30 minutes before each scheduled zazen. Contact the temple with specific needs.


Books available through

Books published by the AZA:

An introduction to the essentials of Master Deshimaru's Zen teachings. Taisen Deshimaru began teaching Zen practice in France in the late 1960s, and supported his followers with many translations and oral teachings. This is a collection of some of the more influential teachings.

A Commentary on the Shinjinmei. Phillipe Coupey is a Zen Monk and student of Deshimaru Roshi. His teachings and activities can be found at the website Zen Road

An uncensored portrayal of the 'Golden Age' of Zen in Paris. Dalley lived in Paris and studied Zen for over thirty years, and has been compared to Henry Miller and Dan Fante for his frank style. Nevertheless, his metaphysics is all Zen and he is squarely in the 'wineshop and whorehouse' tradition of the poet/monk Ikkyu.
Other Publications

An excellent 'troubleshooting' guide for those new to Zen practice. Questions to a Zen Master offers insight on practice and life through questions from a large and active sangha.

Master Deshimaru's first publication in English, from 1979.

A frank comparison of Soto and Rinzai sects of Zen given during summercamps (ango) in France. Also includes Q&A with Deshimaru Roshi about Zen practice.

The relationship between the Martial Arts and Zen practice. One of the original triad of Deshimaru books published in English.

A new and approachable title from ReiRyu Philippe Coupey on the basics of Zen practice, taught through the Fukanzazengi.
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